If we were to count up all the bands, all the bars, all the years of experience,
none of you would believe it... What started out as a couple of buddies
playing at "open mic" has evolved into these veterans of central Massachusetts'
music scene finding more music, friendship, and lots of fun!
So crack open a cold one and meet the guys...

Ed "Sav" Savageau

Hailing from a large musical family, Ed took to the stage as a child and has been singing ever since.

David "da ve" West

It took a lot of coaxing to get a teenaged da ve to play in front of others. Living proof that it's hard to get the genie back into the bottle!

Tom "T" Quitadamo

Long one of the areas premier sound men, T sat in on bass with the guys one night and now hangs out on the band side of the board.

And the time honored tradition of "sitting in" lives on!
You never know when one of our friends will come up to join in the fun!